April 23, 2014

8/14/2012 4:27:19 PM
Nebraska State Senators Tour Broken Bow Wind Farm


Seven Nebraska State Senators were given a tour of the Broken Bow Wind Farm on Tuesday.  The Senators were:  Tom Carlson, Holdredge, District 38; Annette Dubas, Fullerton, District 34; Ken Haar, Malcolm, District 21; Chris Langemeier, Schuyler, District 23; Steve Lathrop, Omaha, District 12; Ken Schilz, Ogallala, District 47 and John Wightman, Lexington, District 36 and Mrs. Wightman.  There were representatives of Mid-West Wind Energy including Tom Swierczewski.  There were also representatives from Edison Mission Group.  Bart Richardson, Site Manager conducted the tour, Bob Stein, Public Affairs Manager, Charlie Parnell, Vice President of Public Affairs and Lobbyist, David Levy were also on hand.   There was also legal representation from various entities as well as support staff from the Senator’s offices.  Landowner, JoAnn Kottmeyer and Custer Economic Development President Melissa Garcia were also in attendance.  The group as a whole seemed very intrigued about the construction site and the enormity of the turbines.  There are 3 towers to be topped out and all 50 for Broken Bow Wind Farm Phase 1 will be constructed.  Once construction is completed, crews will continue to install electrical components and the target date for completion is November 30th.





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