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3/4/2013 11:57:41 AM
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Banquet - Featured Community of Broken Bow

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) 4th Annual Legacy Banquet was held March 3rd at the Younes Conference Center in Kearney.  The FCA Legacy Banquet is designed to provide financial and volunteer resources necessary to carry out the FCA mission. 

This year the community of Broken Bow was highlighted at the banquet. Chris Bubak is the State Director for FCA and he received a text message in the evening of June 1st and learned that Zane Harvey and Anthony Blum had perished in an accident.  Bubak said he knew both coaches although he didn’t know Anthony well, he had known Zane for 20 years.  Bubak also said that he learned that the third person that died in that accident, Mr. Sherbeck, had also been involved in FCA and how their deaths impacted three communities.  

A video was created with interviews from various people involved with the FCA in Broken Bow.  Darrell Sybrant was a co-founder of the FCA Huddle in Broken Bow in 1983 and he talked about how he got started and that Jim Jensen was his partner. 

The video focused on the impact that Coaches Harvey and Blum had on the community.  Broken Bow High School student Zach Jones said it was after the June 1st accident that he realized how much the coaches meant to him and that it was difficult for him when they died. 

We have requested a copy of the video from FCA and will have that available soon. Check Local Sports as Brandon Peoples will bring you the story of the guest speaker Zane Fleming.

Below:  Darrel Sybrant (right) speaks with Broken Bow
Superintendent Mark Sievering and his wife Dena.

Below: Pastor Scott Harvey (Zane's Brother) and
Donna Winbolt speak with Carissa Province.



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